Thursday, May 31, 2012

  • Daily Schedule- I want the students to be able to see exactly what is going to happen and when.  Using a clock to tell the time. Then per-created labels to go beside the time to tell the plans of the day.  That way if anything changes I can change the time, rearrange the labels and continue. 
  • Learning Statements- I want these posted at the beginning of each lesson or at the beginning of the day. Not positive which is more convenient.  Then have a "Check Yourself" board which would have the specifics of what I would want to see for the assignment so students can check before turning in. Plus, Love the idea of them highlighting their name!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Last Day of School

Well today was the last day of school and while I am not sure if it was the nap I took upon getting home or the four glasses of tea I had with a friend in celebration... I can't sleep! My mind is already on next year and all the possibilities!
No, I don't have a classroom yet :( but if I did these are the ideas I have been thinking about instead of sleeping...
  • Writer Journals- Give them a chart or calender of choices.  Allow them to pick whichever one interests them for the day.  Then each day choose randomly five (or however so you hear everyone once a week) students to share.  Then the day they share you mark that they shared on the index card to keep track. & in the child's writer journal so parents know you listened too!
  • Library Labels- First divide the library into Fiction (F) or Non-Fiction (NF).  Then from there create general categories that will stay out year round (ie- Animal Characters, Mystery, Animals, People).  Then create ones that change based on A) Season and B) Holiday. The colored sticker will tell students reading levels. Now a checkout system... a class job will be librarian and it will be their responsibility to keep the library neat and organized.  Plus watch the checkout system and perhaps have one day a week where the books are all accounted for.  A laminated picture list (of the same labels that are on the front of the books) will be attached to a clip board with a dry erase marker.  When a students 'checks out' a book they simple choose the area they got the book from and write their name/number beside it.  So if Amy takes a Magic Tree House book then she would write her name by the "Magic Tree House" picture on the list.
  • Book Challenge- When I say this I am talking about a way to motivate kids to read so many books of different types/styles during the school year.  Basically depending on the age I would choose the number (perhaps to read before Christmas?) and from there break it up into styles (ie- 2 picture, 2 chapter books, 2 historical fiction, 3 non fiction historic/people, 2 nonfiction science, 5 free choice) There are two ways this might work from here: A) I keep/display a list and the students write the title in once completed. The students keep a folder with their book reviews in it with everyone's in one place. B) I set up a ring display area with different colored index cards correlating with the books and the students can take the ring down, fill in the card with their book and hang it back up.  This would need more organization/setup for the index cards. Again I think I would have a folder to keep the reviews in.
  • Word Wall- These seem to change depending on the teacher.  The most haves- Students Names, Spelling Words (after the test each Friday they are put up!), Common Misspells.  The wall will be kids height. That being said, I want to be able to keep it organized.  Words will be typed out and printed.  I feel like they need to be sturdy.  so options A) back with construction paper then wipe modge podge on the night before putting them on the next morning but idk if that would curl up. B) if the board was prepped with newspaper under it and then colorful paper put on top could I modge podge the words right to the paper without having to worry about the backing step? plus they would not fall off or get yucky edges?
Alright, I do believe I have started to get sleepy! Although I know I have more ideas in me hopefully they will let me sleep for now! Goodnight everyone!