Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Well, its the week were everyone gets a break! I have to say I am enjoyed myself (even if I got sick) just knowing I had time to think and dream.  I have been doing a lot of that with Pinterest help! I would so dearly love to have my own classroom to set up and teach within each day.  I have such a desire to try positive discipline and classroom meetings my way! Sigh!
Happy Spring!
This week has meant that I had plenty of time to e-mail all of the principles of schools I have worked at to remind them of my desire to work at their school! So far just one response.. but keeping my chin up! Only God truly knows!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fifth Grade @ "F" left me Full of Ideas

A Great "Fair" School.... That's where I was for Monday and Tuesday.  It was my first time at this school so I was not really sure what to expect.  Boy was I surprised! I really enjoyed myself!  I had a fifth grade job with an amazing group of teachers. Truly, I think I did very little for the two days.  So much was done for me.  Even to the point where they wrote the HW on the board! Loved it! That being said, I did enjoy my time and the students were SO well behaved.  It was so refreshing to see a group of fifth graders acting their age!

Well you know just how much I love Puzzles! Check out the Punctuation Puzzles!

Check this Out! It's the Reading Board. Each student has a loop where they keep the reviews of the books they had read for the year.  Perhaps they could have them color coded based on the type like Blue for Fiction ect.  Then the color would match the dot on the book which would keep the bookshelf organized! Yet. Love the Idea!

This was posted right by the door where they would line up. Simple- Visual- Perfect!

These were in each room.  I like the idea but I have to say I sometimes wonder if the teachers have actually gone over what each word means.  So my thought was to post them all year but get see though color sheets to lay over top.  It would be one color say Red if we had yet to talk about it! Kinda like a Here is what's to come!

Add a Tension Rod with pretty curtain to shelves to hide the mess of stuff said shelf holds.

Give a room more style and comfort by using picnic table cloths! Even better for me would be to attach them to the table underneath so they done more around so much! Do it different places like the computer station too!

How Helpful! Each room had one and the teachers and students actually refereed to it!

They did this at the beginning when talking about the class expectations!

Puzzles for each student! Just what I want to do!