Sunday, February 19, 2012

I've Turned in my Two Weeks

My Crazy Two's watching a Science Experiment
Well the wait to begin this journey into the world of Substitute Teaching is over.  After two years of working with my adorable high energy two year olds I have turned in my two week notice... I am truly gonna miss them.  The hugs and laughs... even the potty training mishaps.  How can I explain to you the joy I get out of knowing I made a connection with the one little boy everyone else thought was a handful. Or how it feels to spend time with a down syndrome little guy who gets over looked so often yet can do just as much as the other kids (in his own way of course!).  Or the little girl (my former student) who passes my door each day now a big three year old who still when asked if she is "Crazy" sticks out her tongue and laughs and laughs!  I will miss the relationships I have made and the young lives  I have share life with for the last two years. Yet, I know in my heart that it is now time to experience the ups and downs of an ever changing field of work- Substitute Teaching.  My hope is to be able to get noticed by one of the many schools I should be working in over the next three months thus getting a teaching job in the elementary classroom setting for next year! So Fingers Crossed~ Say a little Prayer for me!

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