Friday, March 2, 2012

My Final Day

Flowers from a Little Girl
Well it was an interesting last day... that much is for sure.  A set of storms came across Kentucky today... one while I wake for my day meaning I arrived in work and was immediately told to be on High Alert. We could have to leave for the basement shelter due to tornadoes at any time.  My amazing co-teacher came in and brought me the sweetest gift of tea and dark chocolate. Both of my favorite things! Plus, She had planned for us to have a cute little party with a cookie cake saying "We will Miss You!" and everything! I admit upon hearing it I got a little teary eyed!  Thankfully my classroom is above the basement so we ended up staying tell around 230 when (right at the end of nap!) we were called to round up the kiddos and get them downstairs!
So Cookie Cake GoodBye Party ended up being Cookie Cake in Cups sitting on a basement floor with me and my little kiddos! So it was a small little party instead of a bigger with my co teachers party!
Now as no Tornado hit- It was just an amazing day were most everyone left early! Except me! I stayed till the end of my chapter at The Plainview School.

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