Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Created a Substitute Bag

My Substitute Bag
I have Created a Substitute Bag with all kinds of things within... yes, these are things that shall grow as I grow... But for now this is what I am entering my first SubJob with...
  • Blue Binder with a Bingo Math Game: It's enough for a class of 26, with dice plus its age group can be anywhere from first to fifth. 
  • Red Binder with Important Documents, Worksheets
This has starting from the front a : 
      • Pouch to hold my Business Cards, Pens, Post-it Notes
      •  My Identification Information including how to sign into computers/email
      • Job's I've Done Slips (given to you by each school so I am told)
      •  Handbook
      • Map of the School District 
      • School Names, Addresses, and how far they are from my home
      • AND WORKSHEETS- All types for all types of grades although I need more for the older grades as of now its a lot of younger math.
  • Math and Social Study Book : With lesson plan ideas I can do with the students in grades first to fifth. 
  • Treats: I went for the fruit snacks :) There are counted out in 25 items so I don't have to carry loads!
Now I realize this is certainly only the tip of the iceberg so to speak as far as what I shall need so I will try to keep updating both this blog and my bag at the same time! 

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