Thursday, March 15, 2012

2nd Grade @ "L"Modern School for the Arts

Well I was at the newly renovated "L" school for the arts! I have to say it was pretty amazing! Being downtown I knew going in it was going to be a diverse population (to which i was not disappointed!) what surprised me though was how much the school seems to work together! The teachers were all super nice! Loved the teachers beside me! She was the biggest help pointing out names and who to watch ect.  Plus, there was lots of people around so help with a situation was never far away.
The students (YES EVERYONE) began with a School Wide Morning Meeting where announcements were given, a school "dance" was preformed and exercises were preformed as a whole group!  Impressed right? I was.
Now the fun part began- I was warned that they were a tough group (of course!) and started in just as tough as could be which worked out well for the first part of the day with reading in both whole, independently and in groups.  I know the independent work was lacking although I am not sure what I could have done differently to make it go more smooth/on topic.  Loved leading the small reading group again!
That was the whole morning! From there we were heading to lunch and somehow between the class door and say 10 feet--- two girls got in it calling names and YA just leave it at that- let's just say after I separated them, got everyone to lunch I got to spend my lunch writing my first two referrals! Yippee!
Writing and Adjectives were after lunch. I just love teaching curvy Q's. ;)
Next was Drama and Dance- Sweet Right! Two Special areas and 45minutes for me to clean up the room and start the paperwork!  But, upon picking up the class they were all in trouble and being threatened to loose the concert/assembly privilege which was where were were supposed to be heading!
Deep Breath! We made it to our seats and with the trouble makers all around me it began! Sadly, only two of my original four survived to see the end of the show... I did gain two first graders in their place though! Sweet!
My favorite part of this musical presentation was when the artist asked everyone to,  "Pretend you are holding a Flower in one hand and a candle in the other.  Now, Smell the Flower. Blow out the Candle. Smell the Flower. Blow out the Candle..." Yep, the speaker called it air conditioning for your brain!
Now- Keep in mind its like 85 Degrees, its about to rain so its Sticky Hot, they have yet to get any 'down time' or as the schools call it now "Wellness Time" and I am about to force them to sit till the end of the day doing MATH!  O-yes, you guessed correctly! That was the worst part of my day! I had a kid just up and leave (long story short I called the office and they brought her back after a while but with a piece of candy! *rolls eyes* ugg!)  Math was also the part least prepared for I had spent much of the day teaching in a 'I show you' now you do it manor-- suddenly I didn't have the sheets and the kids were (at least I began to realized they were!) learning something new!  At least there was manipulatives right? that's kinda fun?!
Alas its started to rain and driving home the images of the lightning were something rather amazing!
What I've Learned:
*Loved the School Wide Morning Meeting in the Gym
* Flower, Candle 
*Positive feedback from other teachers matters 

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